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Boredom named as cause of teen drug use at Portage meeting

In Portage, the search is on for a way to stop teen drug abuse and there are a number of options on the table.

Folks met Monday night with a panel of experts to talk about the problem.

Last month recent Portage Central graduate Amy Bousfield died of a heroin overdose.

Students at Monday night's meeting say the solution is to come up with things for teens to do, because kids do drugs because they are bored.

Others say a poor family relationship is to blame.

Nicole McEwen's son died last fall from a heroin overdose. His friends say they're not depressed and don't have problems at home.

They all say drugs are just too easy to get. Many felt communication is the biggest solution.

"That's how your going to find out about your kids, by talking to them. How do you feel what's going on in your life," said Emalee Sabo, Portage Central Graduate.

A committee from Monday nights meeting and the Kalamazoo County Task Force will meet again in August.

The Portage School District hopes to have a new anti-drug plan in place by the start of the school year.

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